Priceless is the art auction for Yo-Pros. Bid on art with volunteer hours instead of money!



The Priceless Art Auction event allows Yo-Pros to bid with their time, not their dime.

Pieces of art are auctioned off to young professionals. The winner of each piece of artwork is the ‘Yo-Pro’ who pledges the most volunteer hours. These hours are worked off at valued not-for-profit  organizations. Each piece of artwork will hang in the office or building of the sponsors until the volunteer hours are completed by the winner of the piece.


Priceless brings together local Yo-Pros, artists, and organizations to encourage young professionals to get involved in their community and to make Niagara a more vibrant place to live.


Established in 1936, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens presents visitors with 99 acres of beautifully maintained gardens that include perennials, rhododendrons, azaleas, and a world-famous rose garden featuring over 2,400 roses.

Amazing Music

Featuring the Devin Cuddy Band and Kalle Mattson. The son of Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy has picked up rock & roll’s torch for a new generation. Ottawa-based folk singer Kalle Mattson sets himself apart with an upbeat attitude and a musical charm.

Amazing Art

All art is done by local artists and sponsorships are collected to support the artists. The 15 artists selected work with a range of media from painting to photography and sculpture.


Featuring the Devin Cuddy Band

The son of Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy has picked up rock & roll’s torch for a new generation

A lanky young man sits at a battered piano in a dark, cramped club. His hair falls in large sweaty tussles over his eyes. As he kicks his band into the immortal “Mystery Train,” he tosses back those curls while cocking his head toward the crowd, Jerry Lee Lewis-style. The setting could indeed be Memphis or New Orleans in 1959, but this is Toronto in 2018 where a new generation has picked up rock and roll’s torch. Not in any kind of fashion sense, mind you, but in a spiritual sense, chasing the rhythm with pure heart and soul.

Devin Cuddy has always made music his way, and some might argue, the hard way. As the son of one of Canada’s most beloved singer/songwriters, Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy, country rock has been the soundtrack to Devin’s entire life—he was born the same week Blue Rodeo began recording its 1987 debut album, Outskirts. But from the moment Devin was drawn to playing music, he was determined to get as close as possible to the sources of all the sounds he loved, whether they were made by rock and roll’s founding fathers, the Grand Ole Opry’s honky tonk heroes, or Jelly Roll Morton and the kings of jazz.


And Juno & Polaris Music Prize Nominee Kalle Mattson

Folk music is about storytelling, which is something that Kalle Mattson excels at.

However, since the release of the Polaris Music Prize nominated Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold (2014) and the JUNO Award nominated EP Avalanche (2015), Mattson has progressed beyond the purely folk tag that has accompanied him thus far and is examining what it means to be a ‘folk-artist’ in 2018. The discovery is Mattson’s new mantra: “folk is dead.”

Mattson’s new single, “Broken In Two” is a sonic palate cleanser for those audiences familiar with his past. Though the song began as a stark, guitar-based composition, the focus shifts to haunting keyboards and drum machines from producer Colin Munroe (Drake, Sky Ferreira).

“Broken In Two” leads the way for a new coming-of-age album about the in-between days of post-adolescence and pre-adulthood to be released later this year. Sonically, the LP imagines what it would sound like if Tycho made a folk record… or if 80s-era Kanye got his hands on some Sufjan Stevens demos. Watch for more details on the new record to be released in the near future.

THE ARTISTSTo learn more about the Artists and the pieces please click on the name of the piece.

Andrea Burns

Fleur en Rouge

Andrea Burns is a 28-year-old mother of one. She has always had a interest in art, particularly painting in all its media. Whether painting acrylic on canvas or refinishing used furniture, she finds great joy in being able to create unique art.

David Chapman

Heart Tree

David T. Chapman taught himself the art of photography at the age of 16, and has been pursuing this career professionally since the age of 18. He enjoys taking photographs of weather phenomena, especially lightning, as well as scenery and nature.  

Diane Croker


Diane was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. Her paintings use colour and shape to create movement and often aim to capture a specific moment in time, whether it is a young girl practicing ballet or birch trees on a sunny day.

Renu D’Cunha


Renu is a self-taught artist and has been mentored by award-winning artists. Her work has been deeply influenced by the Master of watercolor himself, Zolton Zabbo. Renu has traveled to over 20 countries and has always painted during her travels.    

Lisa Fluke

Winging It

Lisa Fluke is a self-taught photographer/artist who has a passion for capturing beautiful moments. She loves the images she creates and does so with passion in mind. Lisa’s mission is to put her Art out there and make a name for herself.

John Garry

Sunrise Canal

John Garry’s education and profession are in engineering, but his mother always painted as he grew up, and she taught many painting classes, all at the kitchen table. Given that brushes were lying around, it was inevitable he would pick one up.

Jennifer Gruhl


Jennifer Gruhl has been passionate about art and photography for most of her life. She is inspired by nature as well as busy city life. She loves bright, vibrant colours and images as well as more sombre black and white images.  

Ariadni Harper


Ariadni Harper is a St. Catharines artist with a Diploma in Advertising Art and Design from Fanshawe College. Ariadni’s primary inspiration for her vibrant and diverse subject matter comes from photographs of images that she has taken that have captured her interest.

Avneet Kaur Nagpal


Colours are the essence of this world and to be able to use them on canvas is nothing but sheer bliss for Avneet. From drawing cartoon sketches on the back of a notebook to painting on large canvas, he’s done it all.

Edward Leidel

My Thinker

Edward Leidel was born in Akron, Ohio, and his family later moved to St. Catharines. Since his retirement, he has been concentrating on his art: mosaics, wood sculpture, acrylic painting, and cast paper bas-relief sculptures. He’s now concentrating on metal geometric sculpture.

Shelley Locke

Tropical Daze

Shelley Locke is an internally driven and self-taught acrylic artist from St. Catharines, Ontario. Born with severe hearing loss Shelley’s motto ‘I may be deaf but I hear colour’ is apparent in her vibrant pieces, wide range in subject matter and style.

Paul McLagan

Ice Queen

Paul McLagan’s working method is to combine improvisational elements with implied structure to create paintings that are interesting and beautiful to look at. He’s primarily interested in exploring the properties inherent in the material of paint and not in depicting explicit imagery.

Tricia O’Connor

Deep Calls Unto Deep in the Roar of Your Waterfalls

Tricia O’Connor lived in Niagara as a child, and has travelled the world through her teaching career. She is drawn to the vibrant colors in the skies over Niagara, especially over the Falls. Night, day, winter or summer, Niagara Falls is spectacular!

Katelyn O’Neil


Katelyn O’Neil is a makeup and visual artist. Discovering the beauty of colour and tapping into my creativity has been one of the most positive and spiritual experiences in her life. She has always admired artists, amazed by their expression and confidence.

Barry Smith

exit from Port

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland and raised in Niagara, Barry Smith’s unique pictures come to life like a fresh painting on canvas. He primarily prints on canvas to bring out textures and depths of his photographs. He enjoys photographing architecture, people and irony.


The Brush Brawl is an exciting onsite live-action competition! Five artists will go head to head for just 20 minutes to create the crowd’s favourite artwork.

Artists will all be given the same materials — a 24″ x 30″ canvas, paints, and brushes. They can create anything they like with the materials given.

With their applause, the crowd will then vote for their favourite! The winner will receive well-deserved bragging rights and a prize package from Niagara Parks!

All attendees at Priceless Niagara will receive a raffle ticket, and the artworks from the Brush Brawl will be given out as prizes.

BIDDERSWe look forward to working with you in giving back to the community.

Highest Bidding Volunteers

Successful bidders who pledge the highest number of volunteer hours will be provided with a “winner’s kit” that will assist them to begin their pledge to giving back to the community. This kit will include: instructions on how to track completed hours, a volunteer tracking form, information on the vendor non-profit organizations, and contact information for staff who can answer any questions you may have throughout your commitment. Volunteer hours do not have to be completed at one of the vendor or partner organizations, but we ask that you complete at least 5 hours of volunteer time at each and we would prefer if it is a new volunteer experience for you.

Successful bidders will be presented their piece of artwork at future NEXTNiagara events by the art’s sponsor, once all pledged hours are completed.

Looking to still get involved?

For those bidders who are not the winners, we still want to offer the opportunity to give back to the community. Leave us your contact information and we will be in touch to provide you information on  agencies needing help.


Were you the successful high bidder at PRICELESS Niagara 2018? Are you looking for some volunteer opportunities? The following organizations are looking for volunteers!

Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region

The Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region provides support services to individuals living with dementia and their care partners.

Contact: Christine Hurtubise, churtubise@alzheimerniagara.ca
Address: 403 Ontario St., St. Catharines | 905-687-3914 | www.alzheimerniagara.ca
Office Hours: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday
Volunteer Projects:

  • We are currently looking for volunteers that are interested in providing friendly visiting phone calls to individuals living with dementia or care partners. These calls take place at our office during business hours with support from staff. Training is provided.

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services is a multi-service organization serving the diversified needs of Niagara residents by offering support for individual growth through housing and other focused services.

Contact: Rhiannon Barry, rbarry@bethlehemhousing.ca
Address: 166 James Street, St. Catharines | 905-684-1660 | www.bethlehemhousing.ca
Office Hours: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday-Friday
Areas of need: Social Media | Website | Commerce & Marketing | Events | Planning
Volunteer Projects:

  • Child & Youth Programs: Hands on assisting with EarlyON Centre staff
  • Special Events: Volunteer to help at a fundraising event
  • Bingo: Greeting and helping out with bingo night tasks
  • Board Committees: Join a special interest or project committee
  • Housing Hero Admin and Event Support: Assist us in developing relationships with and supporting the efforts of third-party organizations who wish to hold their own fundraisers and give the funds to Bethlehem.

Community Care

Mission: We compassionately provide vital services and assistance to individuals and families that meet their basic needs and help bridge their journey to self-sufficiency.

Contact: Eden Ewert, eewert@communitycarestca.ca
Address: 12 North St., St. Catharines | 905-227-9240 | www.communitycarestca.ca/
Office Hours: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday
Volunteer Projects:

  • We are currently looking for volunteers to help in our food room assisting clients who are shopping for food. Training is provided. Role: General office tasks

Community Crew

LUNCH PROGRAM: No kid should have to think about food when they’re going to school. We help with healthy lunches and more

Contact: Sarah Pritula, sarah@communitycrew.ca
Address: 240 Scott St. Suite 5, St. Catharines | 289-273-0859 | https://www.communitycrew.ca/
Volunteer Projects:

  • Lunch Delivery Teams
    Community Crew is looking for lunch delivery teams who are able to deliver healthy lunches to children in need throughout the Niagara Region. Locations vary. Dates: September – June. Training: Full volunteer training provided
  • Board Members
    Community Crew is looking for new Board of Directors who are passionate about helping provide healthy lunches and hope to children in need throughout the Niagara Region.
    A variety of roles are needed
    Time Commitment: 1-1.5hours monthly

FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre

Contact: Cora Sperry, csperry@stcatharines.ca
Address: 250 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines | firstontariopac.ca
Sign Up: https://firstontariopac.ca/Online/article/volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre. The staff uses a Better Impact database for managing the Volunteer Program; recruiting, scheduling, logging hours and so on are all managed through this system. Potential volunteers can visit the address above to get more information and determine if this is the right fit.

Friends of Laura Secord

The Friends of Laura Secord was established to preserve, strengthen, and perpetuate the Second legacy, and to inspire and educate current and future generations about the many heroes, both famous and unsung, who helped to define Canada

Contact: Caroline McCormick, cmccormick@friendsoflaurasecord.com
Address: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and Thorold | 905-468-0994 | www.friendsoflaurasecord.com/
Volunteer Projects:

  • Volunteers needed now include:
    Volunteer manager, promotion/marketing expertise, social media expertise, product donation sourcing, trail management, community involvement liaison, fundraising, entertainment, and local business liaison.
  • Volunteers on June 22 include:
    Photographer, greeters at various landing stages of trail (Laura Secord Homestead, Firemen’s Park, Niagara College, Rodman Hall, Rotary Park, DeCew House Heritage Park), information and food table help, set up and tear down.

Roles: Social media, Events

Gillian’s Place

Gillian’s Place offers safe shelter and support services to women and children who have suffered domestic abuse.
Office hours: 9:00-4:30, Monday-Friday

Contact: Valerie DuRoss, valerie@gilliansplace.com
Address: 15 Gibson Place, St. Catharines | 905-684-4000 ext 233 | www.gilliansplace.com
Areas of need: Social Media | General Office Tasks | Data Entry | Events | Planning
Volunteer Projects:

  • Walk a Mile in HER Shoes: Walk a Mile in HER Shoes ® is a symbolic march that gives men the opportunity to take a stand against the societal restrictions placed on women and specifically the issue of violence against women and children; it shows that men are willing to stand together with women in making the world a safer place for all women and children.
  • Wrapped in Courage Pancake Breakfast: an event to show that it takes the support of an entire community to end domestic violence.

Habitat for Humanity Niagara

Habitat for Humanity Niagara is always looking for volunteers to fill opportunities at its ReStores, Salvage Team, in the office and on the build site.

Contact: Agela Daley | Angela@habitatniagara.ca | 905-685-7395
Habitat for Humanity ReStore Fonthill – 2499 Highway 20 West, Pelham
Habitat for Humanity ReStore Grimsby – 185 South Service Road, Grimsby
Habitat for Humanity St. Catharines – 150 Bunting Road, St. Catharines
Hours: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday-Friday
Volunteer Projects:

  • Restore Volunteer (Fonthill, Grimsby or St. Catharines)
    Our ReStore volunteers assist with a number of different tasks including preparing donated materials for resale, sorting and pricing merchandise, product repair and cleaning, customer service, organizing and stocking shelves. Must be at least 15 years of age. Volunteer opportunities are available from Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Salvage Volunteer
    Handy with a hammer? The Salvage Team may be a perfect fit for you! Help remove kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and other sellable items from homes that are being renovated. These items are then brought to the ReStore for resale. Heavy lifting required. Home renovation experience is an asset, but not required. Must be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer opportunities are available from Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Construction Volunteer
    If you have experience in flooring, trim, framing, painting and minor repairs – we’re looking for you! Our Construction Volunteers help fill the gaps before and in between our Habitat Build Day participants and assist our Construction Manager. Build sites are all across the Niagara region and only during limited times of the year. Must be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer opportunities are available from Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Site Host Volunteer
    Site Hosts are on the build site and responsible for registering the Habitat Build Day participants, acting as Habitat’s ambassador taking photos and ensuring participants are enjoying their experience including picking up lunch and putting out snacks. Build sites are across the Niagara region and only during limited times of the year. Must be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer opportunities are available from Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Hospice Niagara

Hospice Niagara has several opportunities for volunteers to support our various fundraising events throughout the year. Download Events Calendar
Contact: events@hospiceniagara.ca or call 905-984-8766 x 231

Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation: Celebrity Ice Cup

The 5th Annual Rankin Celebrity Ice Cup is an innovative hockey experience allowing amateur hockey players the opportunity to play with and against legendary NHL alumni. This charitable hockey tournament is Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation’s signature yearly event to support Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre, a specialty healthcare facility that excels in providing rehabilitation, complex care, and geriatric services in the Niagara region. Your participation and support allows us to continue to purchase the most up-to-date medical and rehabilitation equipment and upgrade patient care areas to serve our community.

I Challenge Diabetes

I Challenge Diabetes is a program focused organization that delivers mentoring, support and education to people with type 1 diabetes.

Contact: Chris Jarvis, Chris@IChallengeDiabetes.org
Address: 839 Sheppard Ave West, North York | 877-776-0667 | www.ichallengediabetes.org
Office Hours: Flexible
Areas of need: Data Entry | Website | Commerce & Marketing | Planning
Volunteer Projects:

  • We are working to expand our programming and increase communication for our programs serving families with young children, at-risk youth and develop systems for our sport-specific /adventure based therapies for those with type 1 diabetes.

Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

The Kristen French CACN provides a safe place to help, heal, end child abuse for Niagara’s children and youth who have experienced alleged physical abuse, sexual abuse, become the targets of internet luring, or were the unwilling witness of violence.

Contact: Keegan Langelaan, youthoutreachcoordinator@kristenfrenchcacn.org
Address: 8 Forster Street, St. Catharines | 905 937-5435 Ext 7024 | kristenfrenchcacn.org
Office Hours: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday; some evenings with events
Areas of need: Mentoring
Volunteer Projects:

  • Kristen French CACN is developing a team of young mentors aged 18 and up to support youth 12 to 15 years of age who have experienced abuse and have received help through various programs or counselling. This role requires training, appropriate matching and a dedicated commitment of 1 year. Volunteer Mentors will learn about the impacts of child abuse, resilience, maintaining appropriate boundaries and what means to be a mentor.

Lincoln County Humane Society

Lincoln County Humane Society has been protecting animals since 1881. Dealing with a diverse animal population we are faced with many different situations, oftentimes in severe climate conditions. We are also faced with funding problems and encourage you to support our work with a tax-deductible donation. You can also assist us by calling to report any instances of suspected cruelty or neglect. If you have any questions regarding animal welfare, please call the shelter. Please have a look at the rest of our website to see what’s going on at the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Contact: Cortnie Welychka, werlychka@lchs.ca
Address: 160 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 0B6 | 905-682-0767 | http://lchs.ca/about
Office Hours: 9:00a.m.-5:300p.m. Monday-Friday | Saturday 10:00a.m.-4:00p.m. | Sunday 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.
Volunteer Projects:

  • There are three types of volunteer opportunities at LCHS: Cat socializing, dog walking, inside volunteer. Each program has their own contact. Cat socializing: csi@lchs.ca – Brenda; Dog walking: dogwalkers@lchs.ca – Michelle; Inside volunteer: insidevolunteer@lchs.ca – Brianna.Applications can be filled out in person or online.

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre is a community based non- profit charitable organization whose team of professional staff and volunteers provide vital settlement services to newcomers as they strive to create a rewarding new life in Canada

Contact: Jillien Hone, Jhone@folk-arts.ca
Address: 85 Church St, St. Catharines | 905-685-6589 | http://www.folk-arts.ca
Office Hours: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday
Areas of need:

  • Social media
  • General office tasks
  • Data
  • Website
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Events
  • Planning
  • Mentoring

Volunteers role vary. We also accept co-op students.

Niagara Workforce Planning Board

NWPB is one of 26 local planning boards that make up Ontario’s Local Boards Network. NWPB is a not-for-profit research organization that specializes in local labour market information.

Contact: Mario De Divitiis, mario@niagaraworkforceboard.ca
Address: 43 Church St, Suite 705, St. Catharines | 905-641-0801 | www.niagaraworkforce.ca
Office Hours: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday-Friday
Areas of need: Mentoring
Volunteer Projects:

  • NWPB delivers a career mentorship program for internationally trained professionals called the Niagara Immigrant Connections Initiative (NICI). This program pairs skilled newcomers with mentors in their field for industry-specific mentorship and career networking. Volunteer mentors commit 12 hours of their time over an approximately 8 week period.

Ontario Craft Wineries

Ontario Craft Wineries leads the growth and profitability of Ontario’s respected VQA wine sector – through strategic partnership and authoritative trusted advocacy.

Contact: Alison Oppenlaender, Alison@ontariocraftwineries.ca
Address: 4890 Victoria North, Vineland Station | 905-562-8070 | ontariocraftwineries.ca/
Volunteer Projects:

  • Ontario Craft Wine Conference & Trade Show @Beanfield Centre in Toronto

Roles:Communications/Marketing, Events

Red Roof Retreat

Volunteers are needed for the Five Elves Yuletide Tour.  Red Roof Retreat is excited to be one of the recipients of this festive fundraiser, and would love to have a presence throughout this event.
We will have a table set up at these five participating wineries; Vineland Estate Winery, Ridgepoint Wines, Greenlane Estate Winery, Featherstone Wine Company and Malivoire Wine Company. We would like to have a volunteer present at each location. If you can help out for a few hours, please contact us with your availability.

Contact: Karen Post, Karen@redroofretreat.com
Dates Needed: Saturday December 1, Sunday December 2, 11:00am-4:00pm

St. John Ambulance

Well-trained and well-equipped, St. John Ambulance Medical First Responder (MFR) volunteers attend countless public events across Ontario to provide basic and advanced first aid when emergencies occur. Our volunteers are prepared to provide the first response casualty care necessary to save a life, prevent further injury or provide comfort until emergency medical assistance arrives. Our mission is to enable Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.

Contact: Taylor Plume, taylor.plume@on.sja.ca
Dates Needed: Ongoing; Volunteers are needed for 10 hours per month
Areas of need: First aid provider
More information: https://www.sja.ca/English/How-You-Can-Help/Pages/Volunteer/Volunteer-Landing.aspx

Twenty Valley Tourism Association

Niagara’s Twenty Valley comprises of Beamsville, Vineland, and Jordan in the Town of Lincoln and extends to the City of St. Catharines. We are the gateway to the Niagara Region; a short drive from Toronto or Buffalo, New York. Twenty Valley and the Niagara Escarpment is the largest wine producing region with over 50 vineyards featuring many of the provinces best, boutique wineries. Most are family run, award-winning estates, set in the majestic natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment.

Contact: Kelly Bridger 905-562-3636
Address: 4890 Victoria Ave, North Vineland Station, ON, L0R 2E0
Office Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday
Areas of Need:

  • Events
  • Token sales/guest services
  • Logistics/grounds maintenance
  • Decor
  • Setup/teardown
  • Inventory

Volunteer sign up page: https://www.20valley.ca/site/winter-winefest/volunteer
General events page: https://www.20valley.ca/site/winter-winefest

Welland Heritage Council

The Welland Heritage Council provides settlement support to newcomers to Canada and employment and entrepreneur support to the community.

Contact: Lori Webster, lwebster@wellandheritagecouncil.com
Address: 26 East Main St., Welland | 905.732.5337 | www.wellandheritagecouncil.com
Office hours: 9:00a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday
Areas of need: Social Media | General Office Tasks | Website | Mentoring
Volunteer Projects:

  • Front Desk & office support at multiple locations
  • Volunteer business mentor for women entrepreneurs
  • Social media strategist and website support.

Wellspring Niagara

Wellspring Niagara is a not-for-profit, charitable organization offering free non-clinical cancer supportive care programs and services to meet the emotional, social, informational, practice and rehabilitative needs of men, women and children living with cancer, at any stage, and those who care for them.

Contact: Ann Mantini-Celima, ann@wellspringniagara.ca
Address: 50 Wellspring Way, Fonthill | 905-684-7619 | helpusbuildhope.ca/
Volunteer Projects:

  • Peer Support (must be a cancer survivor or an experienced caregiver of a cancer patient)
  • Reception/ Front Desk
  • Energy Volunteer (Reiki & Therapeutic Touch)
  • Fundraising Events
  • Community Outreach
  • Administrative Support: Data Input
  • Facility Support: Handyman/ Handywoman

Roles: General office tasks, Communications/Marketing, Events, Planning, Other

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens 2565 Niagara Parkway Niagara Falls, ON 905-356-8119

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