Priceless is the art auction for YoPros. Bid on art with volunteer hours instead of money!


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The Priceless Art Auction event allows Yo-Pro’s to bid with their time, not their dime.

Pieces of art are auctioned off to young professionals. The winner of each piece of artwork is the ‘Yo-Pro’ who pledges the most volunteer hours. These hours are worked off at valued not-for-profit  organizations. Each piece of artwork will hang in the office or building of the sponsors until the volunteer hours are completed by the winner of the piece.


Priceless brings together local Yo-Pros, artists, and organizations to encourage young professionals to get involved in their community and to make Niagara a more vibrant place to live.


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Amazing Art

All art is done by local artists and sponsorships are collected to support the artists.

Amazing Food & Drink

Enjoy some of Niagara’s best food, wine and beer.

THE ARTISTSTo learn more about the Artists and the pieces please click on the name of the piece.

Tricia O’Connor

Psalm over Niagara

Like Tesla, I am an avid lover of the ‘Falls’ especially the view of where the Scow has refused to go over…it is the scene of an incredible miracle, having taken place almost 100 years ago. Over In Toronto, I was a

Shelley Locke

Make a Wish

Shelley Locke is an internally driven and self-taught acrylic artist from St. Catharines, Ontario. Born with severe hearing loss Shelley’s motto ‘I may be deaf but I hear colour’ is apparent in her vibrant pieces, wide range in subject matter and style.

Robin Nisbett

Backyard Sun

Robin Nisbet was born in Ottawa, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Studio Arts with Distinction from Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her artwork has been nominated by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association and she is the winner of the

Paul McLagan


Paul McLagan: Painter,St Catharines ON. Canada. My working method is to combine improvisational elements with implied structure to create paintings that I hope are both interesting and beautiful to look at. I mainly paint in acrylics on canvas,using pallet knives as well

Krys Kaczkan

Lake View - Lincoln

Krys began her studies at 17 as a design student working under the influence of Louie Berai at Niagara College. At 19, a solo journey across Europe impacted a decision for further studies in the arts, after touring many of the galleries

Kathy McBride


Kathy is a painter devoted to creating works which emotionally resonate with the viewer. Kathy follows her instincts & makes a connection in an attempt to replicate memories which she believes are deeply rooted in the collective conscience of an era that many of

Jennifer Gruhl

Flat Iron Building

I’ve been passionate about art and design most of my life. Some of my inspirations are: busy urban centers, animals, landscapes and abstract art. I enjoy editing my photos to show how I see the world. Since graduating from the Graphic Design

James Kershaw

Boat Rack - Port Dalhousie

After living in Toronto for eighteen years, James Kershaw has been self-employed as an artist and musician since his return to his hometown Niagara Falls in 1985. Serving the business community as a sign painter until 2000 his skills became unviable when

Edie Pedersen

Lilac Burst

I’ve lived in the Niagara region for the past 32 years. I am actively involved in the arts community, participating in various theatre groups and I’ve recently fallen in love with painting. I live in an 1860 farm house positioned on 30

David Chapman

Crashing Waves at Sunset

David T. Chapman started doing both photography and storm chasing at the age of 16. He is self-taught in the art of photography and has been pursuing his career professionally since the age of eighteen. He learned at a very young age

Barry Smith


Born in Scotland and raised in Niagara, Barry Smith has always had a flair for humour and wit. Without any formal training, Barry has found his own unique photography style using natural light. Focussing on his art first, the photographs come to

Avneet Kaur Nagpal


Colours are the essence of this world and to be able to use them on canvas is nothing but sheer bliss. I was born an artist and only God knows how I ended up with a Masters degree in Business Administration; yet,

Ariadni Harper


Ariadni Harper is a representational visual artist and Lower School art teacher at Ridley College in St. Catharines. Born in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus , she enjoyed creating from a very young age. Ariadni’s primary source of inspiration for the vibrant,

Amy Ballett

Tree Line

Amy creates art in a variety of media. She mainly procudes works in 2 dimensions. Amy have been working and teaching in the art community for over 25 years in the Niagara area, privately, and at both the high school and college

Emily Andrews

It's All Art

Emily Andrews is a multi-media artist, actress, and musician from Niagara Falls with a BA in Visual Arts from Brock University. She works in a wide variety of media, including, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and public art installation. Her style varies with

BIDDERSWe look forward to working with you in giving back to the community.

Highest Bidding Volunteers

Successful bidders who pledge the highest number of volunteer hours will be provided with a “winner’s kit” that will assist them to begin their pledge to giving back to the community. This kit will include: instructions on how to track completed hours, a volunteer tracking form, information on the vendor non-profit organizations, and contact information for staff who can answer any questions you may have throughout your commitment. Volunteer hours do not have to be completed at one of the vendor or partner organizations, but we ask that you complete at least 5 hours of volunteer time at each and we would prefer if it is a new volunteer experience for you.

Successful bidders will be presented their piece of artwork at future NEXTNiagara events by the art’s sponsor, once all pledged hours are completed.

Looking to still get involved?

For those bidders who are not the winners, we still want to offer the opportunity to give back to the community. Leave us your contact information and we will be in touch to provide you information on  agencies needing help. Please also check Track It Forward for additional opportunities to get involved.

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